1950s Corde Handbag

Vintage Corde Handbag For Lotus

Vintage 1950s Handbag

1950s Corde Handbag with stunning design!

I think this handbag may date from the 1950s or, possibly, the 1960s. I believe it may have been made by the British company Corde, for Lotus Shoes, as an accessory to match a pair of their shoes. This business arrangement was quite common with Waldybag often making handbags to accompany shoes by Rayne of Bond Street. The label inside the bag suggests this, “Match-Makers By Lotus”. I do have a pair of late 1950s/early 1960s Lotus shoes made from similar fabric (see final photo) but the design does not, exactly, match the handbag here.

Approx size (in inches): Height 7.5″; Length 8.5″; Depth (at base) 2″

There are a few marks on the inside, above the label, and on the outside on the back of the handbag. There is only a little wear to the exterior. Hopefully, the photos above will show you this. When viewed from the side you can see a slight kink in the bag but I think if you filled this lovely handbag with all the essentials we girls like to carry, this would fill out nicely. Mirror present but worn with age.

A beautiful vintage bag – in a lovely colour with a gorgeous design! What more could a girl want?!