Derry & Toms Hat 1930s,40s*SOLD*

Gorgeous original vintage hat from Derry & Toms

Product Description

A gorgeous, original vintage, 1930s,40s Hat from Derry & Toms.

This beautiful Derry & Toms hat has lovely stitching to the brim which is only just visible in the photograph.  The brim is stiff but the hat has a soft felt crown with ribbed band and felt flower detail. Inside, there is an elasticated loop covered on one side in brown velvet.  I imagine this would loop over a hair-bun, or be looped over the back of the head and secured with pins, so that the hat could sit securely on the head. Inside, the hat is labelled,

‘Millinery Specialists Derry & Toms Kensington W8’

In 1853, Joseph Toms opened his small draper’s shop on Kensington High Street in London. In 1862, he went into partnershop with his brother-in-law, Charles Derry, and Derry & Toms was born. It built up a reputation for quality and luxury among the wealthy residents of Kensington.

In 1920, the store was bought by John Barker & Co who already had premises close by.  In 1930 a new, seven-storey building, including a popular roof garden, was commissioned and, eventually, opened in 1933. Its restaurant became a popular venue for dinner and dances.

Derry & Toms went on to be bought by different companies over the years, including House of Fraser and Biba, and eventually closed in the 1970s.  However, the building, itself, remains a Grade 2 listed building so we can still enjoy its architecture today.

Condition: Lovely! There is only a little stretch remaining in the elasticated loop but it can still be used to secure this original vintage beauty. Very good condition for a hat that is 80 or 90 years old!

How lovely that this hat was part of the history of such a prestigious department store, especially, during its most popular and glamorous time.  A genuine piece of British fashion history.