1960s, 1970s White Turban Hat *SOLD*

Vintage Turban Hat

Product Description

A lovely 1960s, 1970s white turban hat.  Ideal for the summer!  A great vintage accessory! It would keep its shape if packed in an overnight bag, too, so great for taking on holiday.

This delightful vintage turban hat has had its original label removed,sadly. I think the fabric may be polyester.

The turban style has been fashionable across a number of decades, for example, pop a brooch on the front of this turban hat and it would be ideal for a 1920s look. Even in the 21st century the style is enjoying a revival but, then, a classic look never dates. This gorgeous vintage accessory is so versatile.  It could be worn for a formal occasion, such as a wedding, or for a casual walk through the water meadows.

CONDITION: It certainly washes well.  Some marks remain on the inside lining.  The lining may have wrinkled as a result of my hand washing it but, as you can imagine,  it’s difficult to iron the lining.  The outside of the hat did have a few marks which, much to my surprise, came out easily in the wash and the hat’s pleating did not suffer at all.