30349 Early 20th Century Dress

Early 20th Century Dress - very early Downton Abbey!

Early 20th Century heavily beaded dress.

Product Description

Early 20th Century Dress covered in beautiful beading and fabulous French Jet beads. This gown is so glamorous! It is heavily beaded in such a way that you will sparkle whichever way you turn on the dance floor. It has all the elegance of a Downton Abbey Cocktail Pary!

This Early 20th Century Dress really is a wonderful piece of fashion history and you can feel the quality of the beading in the weight of the gown. You just know you’re wearing something very, very special.

Approx: Bust – up to 40″; Hips – up to 44″

I have seen this gorgeous gown modelled by two ladies – one a size 8-10 and one a size 16 – and both looked stunning in it. So many ladies come into the shop and say, “Oh, they were so tiny in those days” and I just direct them to our 1920s and Pre-1920s rails!

Condition report: Only a very few beads are missing and, it would be difficult to detect this due to the patterning of the beads themselves. The soft net sleeves and the net hem may have been added later, I cannot be sure. However, the net hem has a lined backing which aids that all important elegant rustle as you sweep through the cocktail lounge!


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