Harrods of London Mink Coat

Harrods of London Mink Coat by Grosvenor

1950/60s Mink Swing Coat

Product Description

An exquisite Harrods of London Mink Coat, created by Grosvenor.

This piece of luxury vintage fashion dates from the 1950/60s and has a beautiful shape. The long sleeves gather at the cuff, ensuring no cold air can threaten the warmth and comfort of the lady wearing this treasure.

Fully-lined with brown suede edging to interior seams, the coat bears the Grosvenor label, a Canadian Fur company who supplied, exclusively, Harrods of London’s Fur Department until the 1990s

Approx UK size 10/12 but I will be posting more detailed measurements, shortly.

If you would like to visit our shop to fit on this gorgeous Harrods of London Mink Coat, please can you email me or telephone me, first, so that we can ensure the coat is available to you. The lady who loved this coat, before we did, had her initials embroidered on the inside lining and looked after the coat extremely well – and we would like to do the same for her.

Apologies for the quality of the photos but if you move your mouse over the image you should be able to see the coat in all its beauty. I seem to be developing a very poor relationship with my “image re-sizer”! Or maybe it’s because I really want to keep the coat for myself!!