Horrockses Fashions Dress *SOLD*

1950-60s Dress by Horrockses Fashions

A lovely summer dress from Horrockses Fashions

Product Description

A gorgeous original Horrockses Fashions dress in teal and white polka dot. This lovely cotton dress has two front pockets, a fabric belt and matching teal button detail at the back. The white polka dot is echoed in the braided white trim to the pockets and the collar. The button-down back reaches as far as the hip line which is ideal for fitting but, of course, you will need a certain someone to button you up! Or down!

LITTLE NOTE ON COLOUR: although I call it teal, some have described it as green or blue but it’s a blend of both I think so do bear this in mind as my camera suggests this beauty is a turquoise colour.

Size: Bust 36-38″; Waist 29-30″
Similar to today’s UK size 12

Condition report: Almost perfect! The white braid trim is starting to fray on one loop on the back of the dress and one button-hole has been pulled slightly. Neither will detract from the beauty of this 1950-60s dress by Horrockses Fashions but if you are a collector you may want to ask for further photos. The fraying is minimal but I add these details for your information. Other than this, there are one or two loose stitches in mid-seam here and there. I am amazed – and very pleased – to say that the original belt has stayed with this lovely piece.

The dress may have been taken in but I don’t know enough about the construction of Horrockses Fashions to know if they double-sewed their seams. It looks like the dress has been altered so it may be possible to make her a little more “roomy” if you would prefer. The hem looks as though it may have been taken up.

The dress has enough fabric to be worn with an underskirt to give a fuller look to the skirt but we have photographed it without a an petticoat in this picture.

If you haven’t come across Horrockses before, you might like to know that the company was a “Ready to Wear” label which was very popular from the 1940 to the 1960s. The company was established in Preston in 1946 and the designs remain as sought-after today as they were over 50 years ago. The Victoria and Albert Museum held a Horrockses Fashions exhibition a few years ago but I would have loved to have gone. I may have to content myself with getting the book that accompanied it. Hmm…too early to drop hints re Father Christmas??

This dress has that classic summer dress look of the 50s and early 60s which I think will never go out of fashion and will always feel easy to wear yet stylish to look at.