50119 Vintage Camera Compact*SOLD*

Delightful Ladies' powder compact

Vintage Camera Compact – such an ingenious accessory.
Be ready for your close up, Ladies!

Product Description

A lovely vintage camera compact!

This delightful ladies’ powder compact has been created to resemble a 1930s’ camera – and it is so clever in its design. The front of the compact flips open, to the side, by pressing the small button on the top. Inside is where the camera lens would have been but, instead, we find the powder compartment! This area contains the original, fitted sifter. On the inside of the “flip-open door” is the mirror.

On the top of the camera compact you have the small button (described above) and, at the other end, you have what looks like a larger button. This would have housed the spool of film. The film would have been drawn across the back of the camera to the other chamber. If you open the flap on the back, you actually find a little store area where a lady would have kept her cigarettes or cards. Today, a lady could keep some extra cash in notes, her credit cards or a small eye pencil – or any secrets she likes! The interior of this compartment has a beautiful finish; functional and a work of art!

On one side of the vintage camera compact is what looks like a chamber to hold the film, but when you lift this up you’ll find it is a lipstick holder! The lipstick holder can be removed completely so that, during the intermission at the local Roxy, a gal could touch up those ravishing ruby reds!

When replacing it, the “push up button” on the lipstick holder slots back into a groove in the compact to ensure the lipstick keeps securely in place. Those clever people have thought of everything!

Condition: Unused. However, time has marched on and left its mark – or marks! The mirror has misted over. Of course, you can still use it but you may wish to have it replaced (if you do, I can recommend the brilliant Geoff at The Compact Clinic. I haven’t asked him to mend this piece simply because you may wish to preserve it or enjoy it in its original condition). There are a couple of tiny blemishes to the metal exterior with a little tarnish but the crocodile skin is undamaged. The sifter is present but the powder puff or pad is not. The lipstick holder is empty and also looks like it has never been used.

I think this lovely vintage compact is a sheer delight and any one who loves original vintage accessories will love the ingenuity and beauty of this gorgeous piece. I don’t know how to date it but, if you have any ideas, do please email me as I would love to know.

I shall be very sad to say “Goodbye” to this vintage camera compact but I just can’t keep all my treasures to myself!

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