1950s Christian Dior Earrings*SOLD*

Vintage Christian Dior Earrings By Mitchel Maer

Product Description

Christian Dior Vintage 1950s Earrings

A stunning pair of vintage 1950s Christian Dior earrings! Designed by Mitchel Maer.

Mitchel Maer designed earrings for Christian Dior from 1952 to 1956. His designs were exuberant, playful and feminine and these earrings are no exception. Maer used semi-precious stones, artificial pearls and crystals amongst his materials.

I’m no expert but I think the smaller, pale pink, flowers that surround the centre-piece may be enamel though I may be wrong. I’m really not sure what material is used in the centre but it is a beautiful deep rose colour.

One earring bears the stamp “Christian Dior By Mitchell Maer”. Sadly, Maer’s company’s went into bankruptcy in 1956 and many items bought after that date had their mark removed at the request of the Christian Dior company. The fact that the stamp remains adds value to these earrings should you consider purchasing as an investment. What an amazing gift these earrings would be. What an amazing opportunity to own a little bit of Fashion History!

Condition: The original box is not present.