Vintage 1920s Style Cocktail Hat*SOLD*

A 1920s Style Vintage Cocktail Cap

Product Description

A stunning vintage 1920s’ style cocktail hat. Heavily sequinned and beaded with a faux pearl trim. Reserve that seat on the Orient Express now!

I’m not sure when this hat was started or completed. The detailed bead and sequin work certainly suggest that this is not a modern piece but I think the faux pearl trim may have been added at a later time which is why I am listing this as a vintage item in the 1920s style.

Whatever the specific date of her creation, she is certainly in very good condition and would not look out of place on the Orient Express or Burgh Island!

This beautiful, vintage 1920s style cocktail hat is white/ivory in colour and is pictured fitted onto a head whose circumference measures 53cms (about 21″). She fits quite comfortably on the head so I think there could be a little more room if you need it and, of course, it depends how far you would like the beaded trim to fall over your forehead.

She weighs 150gms so she certainly wouldn’t weigh you down when doing the Charleston!

This gorgeous headpiece is a real show-stopper!