0 1960s Jacket By Cojana*SOLD*

Stunning Vintage Jacket


A stunning Sixties’ Jacket

Product Description

A gorgeous 1960s jacket by Cojana. My heart skips a beat every time I look at it! This stunning vintage jacket was designed by British company, Cojana, who also provided some of the wardrobe for the actress Rosemary Nichols in the 1969/70 TV series, “Department S”

This fabulous vintage Sixties jacket has a Liberty’s label as well as a Cojana label. The jacket may have been sold through the famous Liberty’s shop in London as buyers from major stores, including Harrods, often visited the showroom. Or it might be that Cojana bought the fabric from Liberty’s. It certainly has a stunning design.

The jacket has 2 shallow front pockets and one shallow top pocket. There are four lovely buttons on the front with one on the outside of each cuff. There is a double vent in the back of the jacket. This 1960s jacket by Cojana is fully lined and would be a stylish and warm addition to your autumn wardrobe.

Approximate size – may be a size 10 or small 12 in today’s UK sizes.

Condition: There are some loose woollen strands. The jacket is also missing the inside button but it would be very easy to replace that especially as it doesn’t need to match the outer, visible buttons. Otherwise, there is some general wear that one might expect for a jacket dating back to the 1960s.

What a wonderful piece of vintage fashion history!