30412 Vintage Carry All Compact

Vintage Carry All Compact made in France.

Product Description

Vintage Carry All Compact made in France. This lovely piece provides a girl with all she needs for her evening out!

This Carry All may date from the 1950s and has compartments for all those glamour essentials! The photos show them in more detail, including the fluffy powder puff. Two compartments open by pressing down on the little tabs which release the “doors” There is also a comb though I do not know if this is an original accessory or a later addition. Any femme fatale would be happy with this little number as it’s even got a light to add that all important finishing touch in that film noir nightclub!

The name-plate, inside the Carry All, includes the following,

Condition report: The mirror has two small marks on it and I haven’t liked to pull too hard on the powder sifter to remove it but there are some remnants of glamorous nights, past, in the remnants of loose powder that remain. The light does not work but lifts out so you may be able to replace the bulb. May be a small indentation in the metal nameplate and it could that some further detail has been inscribed but I was unable to distinguish it, clearly. If you would like any more photos, please just email karen@stardustyears.com