Vintage Umbrella *SOLD*

1940/50s Umbrella

Vintage Umbrella with Black Corde Cover

Product Description

Vintage Umbrella with Corde Cover in black. Amazing that this beautiful original umbrella still has its cover with a Corde loop handle to match.

The vintage umbrella, itself, is lovely but, for me, the real beauty of this item is the Corde cover. Corde handbags and accessories were created in gorgeous patterns by stitching rows of gimp to a fabric background. This Corde Vintage Umbrella Cover is covered in different patterns, as is its loop handle. I’m not sure what material makes up the base of the umbrella but it is fairly heavy, ensuring this beautiful umbrella will be going nowhere – no matter how strong the winds! It has a short metal zip on one side of the cover to keep it firmly in place.

The umbrella is only 16 and a half inches in length – quite short in comparison with modern extendable umbrellas but then, size isn’t everything, is it? (The Corde fabric handle is an additional 6″ in length) The canopy fabric is light and has thin gold and black stripes against a brown or bronze background. The umbrella spokes are held in place at the handle by an elastic loop.

Condition report: Amazingly, given its age – probably from the 1940s or 1950s – this lovely vintage umbrella only has one tiny hole in the canvas. The fact that it had once belonged to a Film and TV Costume Hire Company may account for the umbrella’s wonderful condition; I imagine it was held as an accessory but rarely, if ever, used for a rainy day!

This vintage umbrella would be an ideal companion piece to our black Corde handbag (stock no 40236)