50027 Antique French Purse*SOLD*

Antique Enamel Purse

Antique French Purse

Product Description

Delightful little antique French purse electroplated and coated in cream enamel. There is an extra little pocket inside the purse which opens by sliding a catch. Maybe that’s where a lady put a small key? Or the key to her heart?

Rather cleverly, I think, each outer side of the purse is attached by a small concertina of leather to allow for all that extra money a girl needs!

I believe this lovely piece dates from the 19th Century. The engraving indicates that the patent was still pending. She feels, and looks, lovely!

Approx size: At widest point – 3 inches; at highest point – 2 and a half inches.

Condition report: a few scratches to the enamel. Inside, the blue lining has a few marks.
Please note: the colour of this lovely little antique French purse is Cream, rather than Ivory which my photo might suggest. Similarly, the blue of the lining is, in fact, more like a shade of Teal, rather than that depicted in the photo. I hope this helps!