Petit Point Bag and Purse *SOLD*

Vintage Petit Point Bag and Purse

Product Description

A beautiful vintage petit point bag and purse. Pretty red and green stones top the frame of the bag and the little petit point purse has a pretty enamel floral design at the corners of its frame.

I think the vintage bag may originate from the 1930s but I may be wrong so please be aware that I cannot specify a particular vintage period. I have listed this lovely vintage petit point bag and purse in Evening Bags as well as in Handbags because I think they are so beautiful, as well as a good size, that they could be used at any time of the day.

The “lift-up” clasp is made of red and green stones. I believe the red stones are Cornelian but I’m not sure what the green ones are – perhaps someone could email me if you can identify them? The row of nine red and green stones forms the clasp which is lifted to open the bag.

I don’t believe that the purse and bag were, originally, companion pieces but I found the little purse inside the bag so I’m keeping them together. The inside linings of the two are different and I think, if they were a matching pair, the linings would be made of the same fabric. Also, the pretty detail on the frame of the petit point purse would appear on the bag – and vice versa. However, the floral design of the petit point on both is quite similar and it would be a shame to tear them apart from one another, now. Who knows how long they’ve been together? The clasp of the vintage bag can be tricky to open and that may be why the two edges of the metal frame do not meet evenly when closed. Have a look at the photo. It wouldn’t matter to me but then I’m not allowed to keep this gorgeous piece! The bag is opened by pushing up the green centre stone. This raises the row of stones and opens the bag to reveal a cream silk lining with a small slip pocket.

The chain handle is attached to the vintage bag by a metal loop on the front frame and a metal loop on the back frame to keep all your treasures inside safe and accessible.

Approx measurements: Height 6 inches; Width 8 inches

Condition report: A couple of very small marks near the top of the frame of the bag with some odd marks elsewhere on the fabric. Some faint marks on the inside lining. The beige background of both the purse and the bag may be showing their age but neither has wear to the fabric itself. The nine stones on the bag are all sound – and just lovely!

This beautiful vintage petit point bag and purse would make an ideal gift for a vintage-lover… or a well-deserved present for yourself!

SOLD: Price £75

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