Stardust Years Vintage on BBC1

We’re going to be on the telly!

(Can you tell we’re excited?)

Yes, it’s true – next Wednesday (8th March) on BBC1 at 3.45pm, we’re on the new series of ‘Money for Nothing’. We haven’t seen a preview yet so we’ll all be watching it for the first time. ?We’re hoping Karen won’t be getting ideas of grandeur though she has been heard?muttering, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr De Mille…”

Just in case you haven’t watched the programme before, presenter Sarah Moore finds items that are going to be thrown away by members of the public, renovates or upcycles them, sells them on and gives any profit back to the original owner. Sometimes, Sarah re-fashions items?herself, or?she might take?them to carpenters,or?designers?to adapt the piece for modern use. Previous items have included a dress made from an old leather sofa and an oil can transformed into a table lamp!

In between filming, the cameraman did have to drag Sarah away from our rails as she kept getting distracted?by our frocks and, I’m pleased to say, that when the shoot was completed, Sarah bought a lovely1950/60s black and white silk evening coat! A perfect end to a great afternoon.

What part did Stardust Years Vintage play in the programme? Tune in on Wednesday 8th March and find out! ?Don’t worry if you miss it, the programme is repeated on BBC2 on Friday 10th at 7.15am. ?Or you can watch it at your leisure on BBC iPlayer!