Original Vintage Shoes

Original vintage shoes – from the 1920s onwards! New additions to our Etsy store this week include these wonderful CC41 wedge-heeled shoes from Start-rite

Original vintage shoes stamped CC41 on sole

Hardly worn CC41 Shoes

Utility clothing was made from 1941 to 1952 and you can find the CC41 mark on the soles of these lovely shoes.  The shoes are hardly-worn! You can check out their condition by clicking on the link below which will take you to more detailed photographs


If you’re looking for some comfortable, vintage shoes for walking around Goodwood Revival then these could be the ones!

Of course, you may like your shoes a little earlier in their vintage.  If so, then why not take a look at our original 1920s shoes by Korcet here on the website https://stardustyears.com/product/30270-1920s-shoes/

Both our Start-rite CC41 shoes and our 1920s Korcet shoes are listed on our Etsy shop, now.  You can also find our two-tone red Bally shoes in store as well as our fabulous 1930s,1940s shoes by British shoe company, Equity.  Just click on the link below to see detailed photographs and information on all these original vintage shoes https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/StardustYearsVintage

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email me karen@stardustyears.com or message me via our Etsy shop.

We’re adding stock to our Etsy store every week so do check in regularly.  If you’re looking for something in particular do just email me as I know where the buried treasure lies! And it may not have reached Etsy yet!


Gorgeous Original 1940s Hats and Accessories

Visit our Winchester shop and browse our gorgeous original 1940s hats and accessories!  Ideal for Goodwood Revival, vintage events or just looking good for the autumn! It’s impossible to post all our full range here on the website so why not have a lovely day out and enjoy trying on some authentic pieces for comfort, fit and fun! Come and enjoy some Winchester Vintage!

Pictured: 1940s Navy Blue Hat, 1940s Navy Blue Handbag and CC41 Marked 1940s Blue Suede Shoes

Heritage Open Days at Stardust Years Vintage

Last weekend, we joined the rest of the country as doors on secret histories were flung open for Heritage Open Weekend! ?Of course, at Stardust Years Vintage we like to think that every day is a Heritage Open Day but, especially for the weekend, we focussed on the 1940s with a Make Do & Mend theme. ?Historical costumier, Helen McArdle, joined us with demonstrations and tips on how to save your precious garments. I have to confess, at times, I felt a little left out as visitors to the shop swapped stories of “Model 102” and the tensions of different machines but it was lovely to hear so many people say “You inspired me to get out my sewing machine” ?I even tinkered with buying one, myself, even though I still suffer nightmares of my needlework teachers shouting at me for tacking in my zip the wrong way (they each had a different approach and I was piggy in the middle!) Now, I even face the prospect of putting on a button with trepidation!

on both days,we had some special nibbles on offer – Gary had baked carrot scones and almond biscuits to 1940s’ wartime recipes. ?In honour of Poochy, our housebunny, he baked the biscuits in the shape of a rabbit. ?(I think some visitors thought it was a reference to the old song, “Run, Rabbit, Run!”).

Around the shop, we included information about everyday fashions of the time, Utility Clothing and the restrictions placed on the industry – and the public – due to the war. Helen brought along a copy of the “Make Do and Mend” pamphlet, issued by the Ministry of Information, 1943 and I included a few quotes here and there.

I also found Jonathan Walford’s book, “Forties Fashion – From Siren Suits To The New Look” (Thames & Hudson) really helpful and a fascinating read. I borrowed it from Winchester Library; heavy hints have already been made to Gary regarding Christmas!

We’re already plotting for next year’s event. ?Hope you’ll be able to join us! In the meantime, a huge thanks to Nicky and Becky who organised Winchester’s Heritage Open Weekend. ?Big thanks, too, must go to Helen who was brilliant all weekend – and managed to fit in some lovely repairs to my own vintage wardrobe! ?Finally, of course, thanks to all the lovely visitors who not only discovered Stardust Years but also caught a glimpse into just some of the social history of the 1940s and brought their own knowledge and memories to our Heritage Open Days’ event.