Richard Allan Scarves

Last week was quite a whirlwind – all in one day!

I went to one of my favourite museums – the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London, for an “Afternoon with Rayne” which was a talk by Michael Pick based on his book “Rayne Shoes For Stars.” The book accompanies the Rayne shoe exhibition and is an excellent work on a very special family who played a major role in the history of British shoes.

Sadly, I had to whizz off straight after Michael’s talk so that I could get across to Olympia before the exhibition hall closed. This was no mean feat for a poor old country mouse like me! I used to know the London Underground like the back of my hand but years of working in Winchester have caused my inner rail SatNav to lie dormant for too long! After whimpering on the phone to Gary, who was gamely looking after our shop, and telling myself to pull myself together, I managed to get, eventually, on the right train and made it in good time to meet someone from another special family with a vintage fashion history! At the Spirit of Summer exhibition, I met the very lovely Cate Allan, daughter of the wonderful scarf designer, Richard Allan.

Karen Fitzsimmons and Cate Allan

Karen with Cate Allan of Richard Allan Art Prints and Scarves

Cate’s grandfather, Allan Allan was running Jacqmar when her father, Richard bought the company in 1950. Richard continued to design scarves for Jacqmar but also under his own label, Richard Allan. Recently, Cate has published some of her father’s designs as prints, as well as reissuing his stunning, “London” scarf. You can find out more by visiting

I love the beautiful designs that Richard Allan created and I confessed to Cate that while we do have two of her father’s vintage scarves, one remains secretly tucked away under the counter! Selflessly, I have put the second one in the shop for all to see and, also, fall in love with – you may still find it here on the website!