TLC Weekend!

Well, what a busy weekend that was! We were lucky enough to have great weather in Winchester last weekend so we were able to put an extra rail outside in Walcote Place, along with a table of vintage treasures ranging from hats to shoes and bags to scarves. among the treasures were some original blue satin 1920s shoes for ?5 and a lovely gold beaded evening bag, from the 1950s, for ?3. Customers were happy to snap up some original vintage bargains and we were happy to see them continue on their journey with a bit of repair and a loving new owner/wearer! Thank you to everyone for visiting us and making our first TLC Weekend so successful.

Our first TLC Sale!

If you would like to know about our next TLC Sale just email and I will add you to our mailing list. Otherwise, just take a look at our Facebook page which, also, often features new stock items which may not make it onto our website before they’re re-homed!

Don’t forget that we do have a few TLC items on our rails all year round so it’s worth spending a little more on that coffee for the feller while you enjoy more time scouring our rails! As well as clothing, we also have a box of TLC Jewellery which is always worth having a look through, especially, if you make your own pieces. We also have alot of vintage buttons so if you’re looking for something in particular just give us a ring or drop us an email and we’ll check through our button store! In the meantime, all you talented Sewing Bees out there – sadly, I’m not amongst you – the BBC’s “Sewing Bee” starts on Monday so I shall be putting my feet up, having a cuppa and watching the experts along with an attentive house-rabbit (she can’t sew, either, so I’ll be in good company – at least, that’s what she tells me!)