Vintage Tender Loving Care Required

TLC and who doesn’t need a little bit of that in their lives? It’s no different for some of our lovely vintage items so we have what we call our TLC range. Sometimes, the TLC needed is in the skill of a talented seamstress or the skill of a smart launderer who knows how to mix the right cleansing potions to banish marks which would crumble at the whiff of a Dry Cleaner’s chemicals! One of my friends has already sprinkled her magic over some of my vintage clothes so I know there’s talent out there!

At Stardust Years, we may not have the skills our TLC items demand but we do still love them and cannot bear to let them go unworn and unwanted. So, we have a number of TLC pieces, including accessories, which are priced very modestly as we know some TLC may be time-consuming! But then, if you’re in love, it takes little effort and time passes quickly when you’re having fun!

1940s Evening Gown in need of TLC

1940s Evening Gown

Our TLC range is only available in our Winchester shop and you will find them amongst the rails alongside other items from the same historical period. Come in and have a look. You might find just the piece you were after, or something, whether it’s the material or beaded trimming, that you can use to create a piece of your own Future Vintage!