Fashion Students Visit Stardust Years

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The other day, I had a telephone call from a nice lecturer at the University of Southampton where they run a number of Fashion courses. Emma had seen our website and she explained that she wanted to show her students that “they don’t have to go to London to see beautiful vintage!” Ooh, I was one chuffed bunny! So chuffed, that I left my own bunny on my day off (Monday) and opened up especially for a small party of fashion students to browse through our original vintage pieces many of which don’t appear on this website due to pressures of time.

It was so lovely to talk about our treasures – particularly to such enthusiastic lovers of fashion. I hope they’ll come back and browse more of our lovely pieces. Coats and dresses designed by Quant, Dior and Muir are wonderful but there are so many beautifully tailored pieces, with less famous names attached to them, which are just stunning items of fashion history.

Beaded Cap by Irene

Beaded Cap

And we didn’t even get round to the Accessories!