Fashion as Investment

Fashion is a passion for many of us but it is also fast becoming popular as an investment prospect. I can’t think of anything better than preserving a beautiful piece of fashion for future generations, while saving for your future. It may be that you’ll have a little extra for a rainy day or enough to build your own Thames Water Barrier, depending on the vintage piece you find! While you have your investment close by it will be like having some buried treasure that you can take out of the chest, now and then, to admire until the time is right.

One such investor was a customer who came into the shop a week or so ago and spied our Jimmy Choo Couture Shoes on the shelf just below our Bette Davis autographed picture. Not to be outdone by Bette, Jimmy Choo had also signed the shoes he had designed, and made, adding to the value of the couture investment. It was a brave, but wise, purchase by this lady who will no doubt enjoy their beauty now and benefit from it in the future.Jimmy Choo Couture Pair and Box

We have other pieces that would appeal to the Fashion Investor, some of which you can find here on the website, but you’ll find all of them in our Winchester shop, including this lovely 1940s Digby Morton Coat

1940s Coat by Digby Morton

Digby Morton Coat

The other day, I was lucky enough to be asked by Hannah Castleman about my thoughts on fashion as investment for her vintage fashion article and you can catch our chat in her column in the December edition of “Vintage Life” out next month. More on this in a few weeks’ time!

(Hannah is also one of the three wonderful singers who make up “The Spitfire Sisters” so do have a look at their website and Facebook page. Oh, and you might like to have a little peek at our FB page, too.)