Busy Autumn!

Goodness me, I haven’t told you about the amazing visit we made to a lovely lady a couple of weeks ago. When she was 18 years’ old she was a model for Christian Dior, and in the 1950s’ for Hardy Amies. She regaled us with wonderful stories of the past, including when she had worked in British Films in the 1960s; a really special afternoon.

We now have a jacket in the shop which she bought, in the 1980s, from her friend Brigitte Bardot! Watch out for future photos and listing on this website!

In the meantime, we have a small, private fashion show to organise for some elderly, local residents on Tuesday and then we’ll be putting the finishing touches to our plans for next Sunday’s Vintage & Maker’s Festive Fair here in Winchester. Do come along, if you can. It should be great fun and an opportunity to buy some unique Christmas presents. Just click on “What’s New” on our menu bar and you’ll be able to find out about the special guests and all the treats Alex, our organiser from The Vintage Parade, has up her sleeve for you! Where else will you be able to have so much fun for a mere ?2 entry fee?!