Sprinkling Stardust

We’ve been out and about sprinkling Stardust with our beautiful fashions! Yesterday, we visited a local nursing home and entertained the residents with a short fashion show featuring some gorgeous vintage frocks and gowns.

Two nursing home staff members, Jade and Carol-Anne, modelled 7 dresses, taking us from the 1920s through to the 1970s, culminating in our Oscar-nominated film costume, from the 1976 film, “The Incredible Sarah” designed by Antony Mendleson and worn by Glenda Jackson. In the photo below, you can see Jade’s really getting into character!

Jade models a gown from Stardust Years

Jade in our Glenda Jackson film costume

We had a lovely afternoon chatting away with the residents with many of our gowns stirring memories of their own wardrobes over the years – one in particular was a plaid “Jonathan Logan” dress from the 1940s. I think Jade’s got her eye on this one!

Here’s a little pic from the morning the girls came over to the shop to fit on possible frocks – we ended up with enough for two or more fashion shows! Carol-Anne is modelling a lovely blue chiffon and beaded evening gown – ideal for being swept around the floor by your very own matinee idol. I think Len would definitely award more than a “Seven!”

Having fun at our vintage fashion show fitting!

Carol-Anne fitting on an original 1960s’ gown for our vintage fashion show at a local nursing home

After a nice cup of tea and a slice of the best Lemon Drizzle Cake I’ve ever tasted – it was time to wish our lovely ladies farewell and back to the shop, where our thoughts now turn to the Vintage Parade Festive Fayre…