Last Weekend In Our Winchester Shop

It’s the last weekend in our Winchester shop!  Don’t worry! We will be continuing online and, now that we’ll have more time to devote to our online shopping channels, we’ll be able to bring you an even larger choice of original vintage beauties.

In the meantime, don’t let this final opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ pass by. Come along and visit our shop and try on our authentic vintage dating from the 1890s to the 1990s, including hats, gloves and shoes – from the Victorian era, through the decades, to the present day.

When the news broke that we our lease would be ending after 9 years, customers who’ve intended to pop into the shop made it a date to come in – like the lovely customer who snapped up this vintage treasure, on Wednesday, for her forthcoming wedding!  So, don’t miss out!  Join Gary and myself this weekend as we say a big Thank You to all our lovely, loyal customers – and pick up a unique treasure of your own!

Sprinkling Stardust

We’ve been out and about sprinkling Stardust with our beautiful fashions! Yesterday, we visited a local nursing home and entertained the residents with a short fashion show featuring some gorgeous vintage frocks and gowns.

Two nursing home staff members, Jade and Carol-Anne, modelled 7 dresses, taking us from the 1920s through to the 1970s, culminating in our Oscar-nominated film costume, from the 1976 film, “The Incredible Sarah” designed by Antony Mendleson and worn by Glenda Jackson. In the photo below, you can see Jade’s really getting into character!

Jade models a gown from Stardust Years

Jade in our Glenda Jackson film costume

We had a lovely afternoon chatting away with the residents with many of our gowns stirring memories of their own wardrobes over the years – one in particular was a plaid “Jonathan Logan” dress from the 1940s. I think Jade’s got her eye on this one!

Here’s a little pic from the morning the girls came over to the shop to fit on possible frocks – we ended up with enough for two or more fashion shows! Carol-Anne is modelling a lovely blue chiffon and beaded evening gown – ideal for being swept around the floor by your very own matinee idol. I think Len would definitely award more than a “Seven!”

Having fun at our vintage fashion show fitting!

Carol-Anne fitting on an original 1960s’ gown for our vintage fashion show at a local nursing home

After a nice cup of tea and a slice of the best Lemon Drizzle Cake I’ve ever tasted – it was time to wish our lovely ladies farewell and back to the shop, where our thoughts now turn to the Vintage Parade Festive Fayre…

Stardust Years 1st Anniversary!

We enjoyed a lovely day on Sat 12th July, celebrating our first year bringing original vintage fashion and treasures to our customers. Read more on my Blog together with pictures of Stardust Years 1st Anniversary event. Carl Russell ( filmed the wonderful Ema Doherty’s 1960s make-up demonstration ( so watch this space for updates!

Stardust Years 1st Birthday!

Stardust Years Vintage Year

Stardust Years Vintage Year

Thank you so much to our friends and customers who came along on 12th July 2014 to help us celebrate our First Birthday!

Many thanks to Ema Doherty for her excellent late-1960s make up demonstration; our model, Clare (more used to painting models than being one!) looked wonderful and, if you look in our Cocktail Dress category, you can see, in more detail, the 1960s dress she modelled on the day. Ema put the 1960s look she was creating into a social and historical context and it was fascinating!

Vintage 1960s

1960s fashion and makeup

I’d love to ask Ema to return and do the same for us with a different decade. Any ideas? Do email me with your thoughts and we’ll see if Ema can repeat the event on the most popular one!

As well as fitting on some new stock items, customers were treated to some of Gary’s very own toots and some even had a go pressing his paddles! One particular lady really gave Gary a run for his money while her lovely daughter modelled one of our Horrockses dresses.

Stardust Years vintage fashion

Stardust Years vintage fashion

We could not let the day go by without the odd tipple or two and customers enjoyed a lovely Stardust Years Cocktail, created by Gary’s fair hand. Yes, one or two ladies reported having wobbled home that day!